FedEx Logistics Intranet

Project Challenge

FedEx Logistics engaged our team to design and develop a bespoke intranet platform to replace their current SharePoint system. Our team collaborated with FedEx Logistics to create an optimized sitemap and structure for the intranet, while also developing the UX and wireframe for each page.


We worked closely with the FedEx Logistics team to create a visually appealing intranet that aligns with the company's branding guidelines. Our design approach utilized simple, yet flexible modules that can be used in multiple ways, providing the required flexibility for different types of content. Our team placed significant emphasis on flexibility when creating article page templates to allow users to insert content into small or long pages easily. Additionally, we optimized the intranet for mobile and smaller screens to enhance user experience and ease of content consumption.

The Outcome

Overall, the project was a success in meeting the client's objectives, delivering a custom intranet solution that provides the flexibility and usability they need to create and publish internal articles.